Hi, I’m Michael, a UX leader and product designer. I create things for humans.

I have always been curious about people, how and why they think and act, which led me to studying cognitive psychology. When I learned that understanding could be used to solve problems and create solutions that are better, easier, and more delightful, I was all in.

I have been a UX designer my whole career and have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, but some of the best work I have done is in leading and mentoring teams and creatives. I love seeing those I’ve worked with and managed create amazing things and lead teams of their own.

Featured work

Much of my work is under NDA or only able to be shown as part of an in-person presentation. I’ve selected a few projects below to highlight how I approach my work and a variety of solutions. Contact me for access to the projects.

I've worked with a wide range of companies and industries both in house and as a consultant. Contact me to discuss my other work.

Let's connect.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or using the contact form on the About page and see if there is a project we can work on together.