About me

I am a User Experience Strategist, Product Designer, and creative leader with a passion for designing innovative digital experiences and serving creative teams and organizations. Over my career in agencies, start-ups, and enterprises, I have worked with a wide range of organizations, industries, and users. I have helped organizations push the boundaries and create engaging multi-channel experiences to connect with consumers and deliver business results and consumer delight.

I have deep history of building and mentoring high-performance creative teams, defining processes, standards, and deliverables, enhancing cross-organizational collaboration, and developing a human-centric culture of design. I have helped build and grow businesses large and small and provided operational and business unit management.

My background is in Engineering Psychology, using an understanding of how people think, feel, perceive, decide, and behave, decide to create experiences that work for, and delight, users of all types.

I am extremely curious, love learning and being challenged, and enjoy talking hard problems. I’m a systems thinker and get great satisfaction from understanding complexity and having all the pieces fall into place. I’m passionate about design, information, people, and all things digital.

I believe great design can change the world.

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